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Kickball (THUR) - Summer-2, 2020  Kickball (Outdoor) · Co-Ed Super Social (Adult)

Summer II 2020
Jul 23 ’20
Sep 3 ’20
Registration Dates:
Jun 12 ’20 – Jun 18 ’20 early bird
Jun 19 ’20 – Jul 10 ’20 regular
Miller Lite
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Jul 23 ’20
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 7:00pm to 8:00pm

11v11 Coed Kickball, Play for an hour, socialize for 4! ;-)

Team Fees
Early Bird $55.00 per player + $3.00 Processing Fee
Regular $65.00 per player + $3.00 Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $55.00 + $3.00 Processing Fee
Regular $65.00 + $3.00 Processing Fee



Games will be played 11v11; must have at least 4 gals on the field at all times.  If you can only field 8 players to start, you need at least 4 females. Games are 60 minutes long, or "7-Innings."  Whatever comes first!          


  • Each team NEEDS 1-Umpire. 
  • Fielding teams Umpire stands behind the catcher, kicking teams Ump stands between 1st & 2nd base in the fringe of the outfield.
  • These players will be making close calls at 1st and home plate. 

BASE COACHES: Kicking team may have 1-player coach at each 1st & 3rd base (Highly Recomended!)

BUNTING: Bunting IS Legal! However, teams are only allowed 1-bunt per inning. (This is Kickball, NOT bunt-ball)  

  • A single batter/kicker can bunt as many times as they want throughout the game, but the team as a whole can ONLY bunt one time per inning/at bat.


  • Per Usual... Don't Be A Bro! 
  • If You've EVER Played Any Competitive Kickball, Or Try To Pitch The Ball As Hard As Possible With A Curve/Backspin/Overhand Pitch, You Are WAY To Intense And Need A Beer In Your Hand IMMEDIATELY!!  
  • Be Cool, Pitch Normal, There Are No Scouts Out Here, Promise! ;-)
  • Ball Must Bounce At Least Twice, No Higher Than 12" Off The Ball Height/The Batters Knee.


  • Just like softball, there are 4 balls and 3 strikes, BUT foul balls don't count as strikes. The strike zone is between the cones at the home plate.
  • We Pretty Much Give You Every Opportunity To NOT Strikeout, Or Relive Your Grade School Nightmares! ;-)


  • A Foul Ball Does Not Count As A Strike, but 4-foul balls are an out.
  • A Ball Caught In Foul Territory, After Kick Is Made, Counts As An Out.
  • Standard Softball rules apply for all kicks, as in the ball must pass 1st or 3rd base in fair territory to be considered a fair ball.
    • This is different from the old rules!
  • Kickers Are Allowed 3 Fouls Before Being An Automatic Out; The 4th Foul Is An Out.


  • There is NO base stealing or leading off! The runner may take off once the ball has been contacted by the kicker.
  • Play stops when the pitcher regains possession of the ball within the designated pitchers circle/mound area.
  • If the runner is at least half-way to the next base by the time the pitcher regains possession in the circle/mound, they may advance.

HEAD SHOTS: Any player struck in the head or shoulder by a ball will be awarded the base, provided they do not move their head into the path of the thrown ball, OR are trying to slide to avoid getting hit. (If a guy hits a girl in the head, you owe her a pitcher of beer at the bar!)

OVER-THOWS: Base runners can ONLY advance ONE base on an overthrow. 

ADVANCING BASES: Players may not advance once the pitcher has the ball in hand in the pitching area. If a player is at least halfway to the next base, they may still attempt to take the base. If they are not halfway, they must turn back.

FULL LEAGUE RULES HERE:  Kickball Rules (2020).pdf 


Bar Sponsor: TBD

MiLife Sports House Rules:

#1 RULE: The 'Winning Team' owes the 'Losing Team" a pitcher of beer at the bar directly after your games! (Strictly Enforced) *Use this as a peace offering after a hard fought win, a networking tool, or a way to meet your future husband/wife!

RESEEDING: Takes place after week 4 / starting week-5, this creates a tournament for top teams, and keeps games competitive on both sides.

PICTURES: We take a LOT (Annoyingly), but you can check them out on our Facebook or Instagram pages!
DON'T BE A BRO: There are NO scouts at our leagues, and you are not going to the Pro's anytime in the near future (Sorry), so instead of showing everyone that you used to have skills or talk trash, learn how to be a good sport and socialize with other like-minded professionals in our club. 

SPONSORED BARS: We have one for EVERY League/Night! Make sure to come out and hang with other people in the league and socialize/play drinking games with your teammates and friends!
*MiLife Players get VIP treatment with food and beer specials each league night!

PRIZES: 1st Place, 2nd Place, Dead-Effing-Last, & Most Social Team! 

THEME WEEK: At MiLife we try to bring out the inner child in everyone by doing a theme-week (Usually Week-7) each season so everyone can bust out some old Halloween costumes, or dress up while playing one of our coed sports. (i.g. 90's, Hawaiian, NASCAR, Denim...)  

UPDATING SCORES: Winning Teams Captain will update scores through the MiLife Website after games. 

*You must be logged into our site for this, click on your profile/league you're playing in/schedule/league night.

*If you have any issues please contact our office for assistance @ 734-545-8859 or 

SUBSTITUTES: We allow subs anytime throughout the season, but they must be over the age of 21, they must be subbing for someone physically not there, and they MUST check in with a MiLife Staff Member and sign a waiver BEFORE stepping onto the field/court.

*Do NOT give subs game shirts to play in. Tell them what color your team is and they can bring their own shirt. This way we know they are subbing.

*If you are in need of a Sub for a game night, you can post on our sub group page, and also sub in on other leagues to check them out. LINK
*A Sub can ONLY sub 3-times in one season for a team/league.

*No Subs are allowed in the Playoffs
CANCELATIONS: Will be reported to players by 4pm the day of games and rescheduled to the end of the season.

HOME & AWAY: At MiLife we incorporate an old school Rock-Paper-Scissors tradition (Best 2 out of 3) to see who's home and away. If neither team knows how to do that, we default to a Rap Battle!
-MiLife Sport & Social leagues are 50% Social and 50% Sport. We do have STAFF at all games; however, we expect individuals to respect the leagues culture of fair and fun play. Foul language towards other players and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of fair play and sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league. 

-MiLife Sport & Social Club wants all players to have a fun and social experience while enjoying a great sport. MiLife will do whatever they can to make sure all players are enjoying their leagues and meeting great people.

If your team is under the player minimum MiLife staff reserve the right to add free agents to your team (See FAQ's for more info)

We are a social league so get ready to have some fun and meet people by the hundreds!



We at MiLife Sport & Social love meeting new people, and so do our league members, that's why you join a social league after all! We offer 3 great ways to join our league: team, small group or free agent. So if you wish to play and do not have a full team, you still have the option to sign up as part of a small group or free agent and we will merge you with another group and/or other free agents to form a full team when registration closes. 


  • One person will create a team and register with the "Team/Small Group" option. 
  • The captain will have the option to either pay for the entire team or have each player pay individually. 
  • The remaining players will register for and join the team that the captain established. 
  • The captain will be responsible for setting the group name, number of players on the team and picking a team shirt color. 
  • If a team signs up and does not reach the full number of players we will add and merge players to form a full team.
  • One person will create a team and register with the "Team/Small Group" option (don't worry it's just labeled the same thing). 
  • That person will then set the expected number of players they are planning on having join them in their group. 
  • Once the group has been created the remaining group members will join the group as team players. 
  • When registration closes the league will merge small groups and free agents together to form a full team.
  • Want to play but don't have anyone else willing to join? That's no problem, you are going to have a great time. 
  • Register as a free agent and the league will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team after the registration closes.

If you sign up for a MiLife Sport & Social league, and as long as the league happens, we guarantee you will be placed on a team!

Corporate Teams

If you or your company are looking to put together an office team to play a social sport this season, look no further than MiLife Sport & Social. Our leagues are a great way to bring the office together, team build and have fun in a social setting. We offer great company discounts for teams looking to play with us, so if you are interested in signing up your team please email and we will work with you to get you the best price for your company.

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